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Priceless: Homeless man’s reaction when given ‘winning’ lottery ticket

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The reaction a homeless man has when he learned how much he won from a lottery ticket given to him is more heartwarming that the initial act of kindness.

After seeing the unknown man around a local shopping center for a few weeks, and being told that he’s “a nice and respectable guy,” a gentleman identified as Rahat on his YouTube channel decided to do something nice for him.

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Rahat gave the man a “winning lottery ticket,” saying he had no idea what it was worth. In reality, it was worthless, but the clerk at a nearby convenience store where the ticket was taken was in on the gig.

Told the ticket was worth $1,000, the man was dumbfounded and immediately counted out a number of the ten $100 bills he was given and offered them to Rahat.

“I want to share it, my friend,” he said.

As his offer is rejected, the homeless man struggled to comprehend the good fortune that had befallen him. Eventually, both men succumb to the emotion of the moment.

The touching video of the incident has now been seen more than 2 million times.

H/T The Blaze

Tom Tillison


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