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Paul Ryan: I shake my head and say ‘I can’t believe we lost to these guys’

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U.S. Rep. and former GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., expressed disbelief Tuesday that he and presidential nominee Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election given the repeated missteps of President Obama.

He appeared on “The Kelly File” to talk about the president’s latest budget with guest host Martha MacCallum. But before they got around to debits and credits, they first discussed events in the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine.

“You know there are moments Martha when I just look down and shake my head and say. ‘I can’t believe we lost to these guys,’” he quipped. “This is one of those moments. Mitt was right. I think the president was incredibly naive in his Russia policy. His reset has been a total failure and I think this is what happens when a super power projects weakness in its foreign and defense policy. Aggression fills that vacuum and I think that’s what’s happening right now.”

He added that he feels that the president is uncomfortable with America’s traditional role as a superpower, and even the notion of American exceptionalism.

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