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Obama honors Women’s History Month by tweeting photo of … Barack Obama

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The personality cultists at Organizing for America have done it again.

To mark Women’s History Month (that’s March by normal people) OFA could have tweeted a picture of an American woman who’s contributed to the country’s greatness and its empowerment of women – Susan B. Anthony, maybe, or Sarah Palin.

Instead, the Obamabots chose their hero, of course. Because nothing says American womanhood quite like a picture of Barack Obama.

As Twitchy.com found, the Twitter responses didn’t take long. And in light of the normal Dem hypocrisy on so-called women’s issues – equal pay for equal work and so forth – along with accusations Sunday that one of the most liberal members of the president’s party actually assaulted his wife during a domestic dispute, the mood was savage.

(Speaking of Grayson, it’s important to note that he was never charged in the incident, and that witnesses seem to support his version of events, but does anyone think for a minute that if he were a Republican congressman he wouldn’t be getting crucified by Democrats and their mainstream media allies already? That doesn’t happen with libs because Democrats like Rep.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz are always bragging about being on the right side of the “War on Women.” Check out Twitchy.com for some interesting observations on that score.)

But getting back to Obama, another contributor hit the nail of the president’s narcissism right on the head.

How could it be otherwise?


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