Hilarious Larry the Cable Guy interview almost made Sean Hannity blush

larry_the_cable_guyLarry the Cable Guy” joined with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday night to offer his take on Sunday’s Academy Awards.

Portrayed by Daniel Lawrence “Larry” Whitney, the comedian and actor made it all the more interesting when he said he didn’t watch the Academy Awards, opting instead to watch John Stossel’s show on Fox Business Channel.

“If I was gay, boom! Stossel,” he confessed after Hannity said he loved John Stossel.

Hey, wait a minute! Gay hairdresser refuses to
cut NM governor’s hair and that’s okay?

Wearing his “fat shirt,” Whitney urged Hannity to buy stock in Prilosec, the heart burn relief medication.

“Taco Bell just announced that they’re going to start serving breakfast. That’s good news, now we can get diarrhea before 12 o’clock!”

Hannity showed a clip of actor Matthew McConaughey thanking God during his acceptance speech — he who won an Oscar for best actor for his performance as an AIDS patient in “Dallas Buyer’s Club.”

“I’m glad that he did, alright, alright, alright,” Whitney said. “That’s a good movie.”

Whitney said he gets screwed out of an Oscar every year, adding that he has been nominated for seven “Razzies” — an award that recognizes Hollywood’s worst performances each year — but has never won.

“That’s what pisses me off, Sean,” he said. “I get nominated to suck, and I can’t even win the ‘I suck award.'”

The comedian even shared a “selfie” he took to compete with the wildly popular selfie taken by Ellen DeGeneres at the Academy Awards, cautioning that it was “a lot of eye candy!”

Tom Tillison


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