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Harry Reid’s got a Koch problem

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Harry Reid anti-gunSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid continued his obsession with the Koch brothers on Tuesday, attacking his Republican colleagues for coming to their defense.

“Senate Republicans, madam president, are addicted to Koch,” Reid said from the floor of the Senate, The Daily Caller reported.

Reid’s tirade was directed at Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers behind Americans for Prosperity — he called the brothers “un-American” last week.

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Americans for Prosperity produced a series of hard hitting ads depicting the struggles Americans are experiencing because of Obamacare. Ads that have clearly gotten under Reid’s skin, although he suggests the opposite.

“Anyone that’s turned on Fox News lately knows that I have gotten under their skin,” he said of his ongoing criticism of the ads, which he claimed last week were “untrue.”

Pointing to “huge donations” to GOP candidates, Reid said the Koch brothers are using their wealth “to rig the system.”

“Republican senators have come to the floor to defend the Koch brothers’ attempt to buy our democracy,” he said. “Once again, Republicans are all in to protect their billionaire friends.”

Oddly, Reid has never expressed similar concerns about left-wing billionaire George Soros’ longstanding efforts to “buy our democracy.” Nor has he spoken out against billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, who said he will spend $100 million in support of climate change.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reminded Reid of just that, saying the Koch Brothers are American citizens with “a constitutional right to participate in the political process,” according to The Daily Caller.

“It strikes me as curious that if we are going to demonize people for exercising their constitutional rights to go out and speak and participate in the political process, we would just pick out the people that are opposed to us and leave out the people who are in favor of us,” McConnell countered.

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