Flood-insurance relief bill approved by US House

After months of tension and anxiety for Florida homeowners, the U.S. House of Representatives voted Tuesday to pass the flood-insurance relief bill, delaying what Governor Rick Scott has called “unfair hikes.”

Scott, who fought hard to get attention for the bill issued a statement in a press release Tuesday:

“The House’s action on this flood insurance fix tonight is an important win in our fight to undo the unfair flood insurance rate hikes that are hurting Florida families.

“Our state is grateful for the work of US House Speaker John Boehner and the bi-partisan coalition for the passage of this legislation. Since 1978, Florida homeowners have paid $16 billion – nearly four times what we have received in claim payments.

“This legislation will help to ensure the long-term viability of the NFIP by establishing a reasonable glidepath to rate adequacy without causing undue harm to its real estate market and continuing economic recovery.”

Last week Governor Scott met with President Obama to ask him to use executive authority to delay the unfair flood insurance premium increases.  Governor Scott called on President Obama in October and Senators Nelson and Rubio in September to address the increases set to take place as part of the National Flood Insurance Program.


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