Navy vet defiantly confronts lawmakers over Conn. gun law: ‘I will not comply!’

When Connecticut lawmakers passed a law last year requiring gun owners to register “assault weapons” with the state, they created a new class of criminal:

Americans who believe the Second Amendment trumps statehouse politics.

conngun0304A video going viral now shows one of them. He’s identified as John Cinque, a Navy veteran and career firefighter who took the floor at a public meeting in North Haven last April to lambaste two Republicans who voted for the bill.

The father of three told the lawmakers he is an “upstanding citizen” but “with the stroke of a pen you decided to [make] me a felon, a class D felon — for doing absolutely nothing wrong!

Cinque vowed he would not obey the law, which also requires gun purchasers to submit their fingerprints to the state.

“I’m telling you right now, I will not comply,” Cinque said, as the listening crowd burst into applause. “There you go. I’m not going to comply.”

When one of the lawmakers pointed out that Cinque had to submit to fingerprinting to join the Navy, Cinque erupted.

“I also took an oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” he said. “I got domestic enemies now. They’re showing their hands every day.”

While the lawmakers tried to placate him, Cinque was determined.

“I’m telling you right now, I’m not going to comply,” he vowed. “However it falls, it falls.”

In an interview with the New Haven Register, Cinque said he didn’t have a choice.

“I tell everybody I’m not complying,” Cinque told the paper. “I can’t — you have to be willing to stand up and say no. And there are a lot of us who are going to say no.”

Check out the video here.


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