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Street art critical of Obama steals show at Academy Awards

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As Americans settled in front of their televisions Sunday to watch the Academy Awards, little did they know that the avenues surrounding the venue were alive with street art critical of President Obama.

An unidentified artist(s) displayed posters depicting an Oscar statue topped with the head of Vladimir Lenin and emblazoned with the caption “OCZARS,” according to The Blaze.

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Tying it to Obama, the iconic logo that came to symbolize his ’08 presidential campaign was used in place of the “O.”

Image source: Imgur

Clearly a play on Obama’s extensive use of special advisers, or czars, as they were called in the early days of his first term, to circumvent Congress — these officials are not subject to congressional oversight.

A second photo included an over-sized Lenin head, with two of the posters in the background.

Image source: Imgur

While this effort did not win an award Sunday, it proved once again that the best performances are those that imitate life.

Tom Tillison


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