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‘Obama Era’ loving journalist slammed for saying ‘Oscars r as powerful’ as military might

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Even by Hollywood standards, celebrating the Oscars as some kind of liberal equivalent of armies crossing borders to enforce dictators’ orders is a bit of a stretch.

russiaukraine0303newDoing it on the same day Russian troops invaded a neighboring country borders on delusional.

But that’s what liberal journalist Howard Fineman did in a Twitter post about the Academy Awards on Sunday, congratulating Hollywood for its “diversity, tolerance, cultural creativity in Obama Era” while Vladimir Putin’s armed forces took effective control of Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula.

So on Sunday, while Europe’s leaders scrambled to figure out how to deal with a Russian dictator who uses old-school “hard power” tactics like soldiers, guns and armored personnel carriers, the editorial director of the liberal Huffington Post website, NBC reporter and analyst on MSNBC assured Hollywood that its choice of “12 Years a Slave” for best picture was really, really critical.

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And even if President Obama’s famed “reset” with Russia is turning into another foreign policy disaster – the kind where people die – the country can rest easy knowing Hollywood has fulfilled its diversity quotient for another year.

And the people of Ukraine who’ve spent the past month battling riot police in Kiev only to have their country invaded by Russians can take comfort knowing that Howard Fineman just loves President Obama.

The Twitter reaction didn’t take long.

Somewhat to his credit, Fineman is apparently married a woman with some sense, as a later Twitter posting showed.

But all that proves is that some women will put up with just about anything.

And probably the best Twitter response to Fineman’s musing is right here, and from an Adam Sandler movie for God’s sake.

When Adam Sandler movies are being used to insult your Oscar ruminations, you probably ought to stay away from foreign policy.

Unless you’re on MSNBC.


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