Oops! Bill Clinton’s latest photo-op such unfortunate irony

“Barbie Girl” and “Ava Adora” pose next to former President Bill Clinton / Photo credit: TMZ

In typical Bill Clinton style, the former president did what he likes to do best at a pre-Academy Award charity event in Los Angeles — he stopped to have his photo taken huddled up with two lovely ladies. The problem is, the two women in question are reportedly prostitutes. Oopsie.

The photo was posted on the Moonlite Bunny Ranch’s Facebook page, where the two young women are reportedly employed.

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The blonde goes by the name “Barbie Girl,” and the brunette, “Ava Adora,” according to TMZ, which added:

According to her bio on the BR [Bunny Ranch] website, the blonde is very flexible and specializes in de-virginizing. The brunette “knows how to please a variety of both men and women.”

A similar thing happened back in May of 2012, when the former president attended a “Night in Monaco” gala reception at the Casino in Monte Carlo. At that event, “Bubba” cozied up next to a couple of porn stars — 23-year-old Tasha Reign and 22-year-old Brooklyn Lee, according to NBC News. http://entertainment.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/05/24/11863608-bill-clinton-poses-with-porn-stars-at-monaco-gala?lite

The photo made the news after Reign tweeted her memory of the event:

Both photo-ops were unquestionably innocent enough, but still unfortunate, given his reputation for dalliances in the past, coupled with his wife’s expected 2016 presidential run.


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