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Obama skips national security meeting on Ukraine: What, another happy hour?

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President Obama‘s national security team met Saturday on the escalating crisis in Ukraine, minus one key player — the president.

Time Magazine political reporter Zeke Miller posted a tweet suggesting that Obama skipped the meeting and opted instead to be “briefed” by his national security adviser, Susan Rice, according to The Weekly Standard.

The tweet followed an email from a White House official who said the team met to discuss the situation in Ukraine. Miller tweeted:

It’s bad enough that Obama was calling for happy hour as Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine on Friday, but to skip a national security meeting in the face of the “uncontested arrival,” as U.S. officials are calling the action, is pretty bold.

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A Republican president would be crucified by the media for such behavior, but a different standard seems to apply to Obama, who skipped his daily intelligence briefing the morning after the terrorist attack in Benghazi to go to a Las Vegas fundraiser.

To be fair, the president did have “a testy exchange” Saturday in a 90-minute phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the Washington Post.

As expected, Twitter users did not hold back in their reaction to Miller’s tweet, saying:

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