Never-before-seen Breitbart footage: ‘Their peril will be my peril’

Two years after the death of Andrew Breitbart, a man who helped reshape the media and political world, the makers of the biopic “Hating Breitbart” released a clip of Breitbart explaining his approach to protecting sources.

In the clip, Breitbart talks about a conversation with Doug Giles, the father of Hannah Giles, the 20-year-old woman who posed as a prostitute in the sting operation by James O’Keefe and published by that destroyed the liberal front group ACORN. He assured Giles he would protect Hannah like she was his own daughter.

Breitbart was as good as his promise. As Doug Giles wrote in a column published days after Breitbart’s death:

Every step of the way, through vicious, non-stop media attacks, death threats to our family, and multiple lawsuits, Breitbart kept his word to me and ran interference for Hannah and the ACORN story like a champion.

It’s the same approach he took to his work before dying of a heart attack on March 1, 2012:  the conservative fight was his life’s fight, and it would only have a chance to succeed if he put it all on the line.

The staff at, the conservative website Breitbart founded, summed it up in a statement on Saturday.

He was a new media pioneer. But perhaps he is best remembered as a fighter. He fought alongside us. He fought when we couldn’t. Justice. Accountability. Freedom. An even playing field. Those were the fights of his life.

Though Breitbart’s life ended, the struggle still goes on — and the front gets wider. On Feb. 16, the Breitbart News Network launched operations in  Texas and London.

And as these Twitter posts from Saturday make clear, his memory is still fresh.

Or, as the staff of, the conservative aggregator of Twitter postings put it:

We fight on.

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