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Big time backfire when former team Obama worker tries to make a fool out of Mitt Romney

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In a case of very bad timing, mere days before Russian troops invaded Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula, Lis Smith, the Obama re-election campaign rapid response director, tweeted that former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney should keep his mouth shut on foreign policy matters.

On the Sunday before the Russian military moved in, she tweeted:

I thought the “like ever” comment at the end was a particularly nice touch on her part.

Read more tweets compiled by the Twitchy team.

I can only assume she made this statement in response to Romney’s repeated assertion that Russia is one of America’s greatest geo-political foes, first brought up during a presidential debate as shown here:

No one gave Smith’s tweet a lot of attention — until the Russian troop movements days later. Then the Twitterverse lit up. Twitter user Sam Rosado tweeted Saturday:

This started an avalanche of responses. Arizonan Jon Gabriel, the self-described “undisputed king of stuff,” made this spot-on observation:

The Smith tweet reminded Buzzfeed reporter Andrew Kaczynski of an Obama campaign poster that mocked Romney. This, in turn, was picked up by The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes:

Then there were these comments:

Moral of the story? Smith should never try to badmouth Romney again — “like ever.”


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