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American Atheists: Conservatives pretend ‘Christianity still holds water in American society’

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For an organization that claims to work “for the civil rights of atheists, promoting separation of state and church, and providing information about atheism,” American Atheists expends plenty of energy attacking Christianity.

In an interview Thursday with Salon, president David Silverman proved as much while talking about being dis-invited from the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference:

“What CPAC has done is effectively bury its head in the sand … They are pretending that atheists aren’t relevant. And they are pretending that Christianity still holds water in American society.”

In a momentary lapse of reason, someone at the American Conservative Union approved American Atheists for a booth at its upcoming conference.

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Silverman went on CNN to tout his success at getting a foot in the door, saying he did not care if the Christian right gets angry about their presence because “the Christian right should be threatened by us.”

Rhetoric that led ACU to quickly rethink the decision.

“American Atheists misrepresented itself about their willingness to engage in positive dialogue and work together to promote limited government,”  CPAC spokeswoman Meghan Snyder told CNN on why the invitation was rescinded.

Why the group’s Times Square billboard attacking Christmas wasn’t a tip off remains a mystery.

As for Silverman’s doubt that “Christianity still holds water in American society,” according to ABC News, eighty-three percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians. And a 2011 Gallup poll said more than 9 in 10 Americans answer “yes” when asked the basic question “Do you believe in God?”

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