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Watch what Bill Maher said that made disgusted Bill Kristol shout, ‘that’s total bulls**t!’

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The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol stepped out of his normally staid and proper character to call out HBO’s Bill Maher by calling a remark the“Real Time” host made Friday concerning the tea party movement, “total bulls**t.”

Maher played the race card once again, and claimed that the tea party’s roots were in it’s displeasure over having a black president.

“That’s bulls**t!” Kristol fired back. “That is total bulls**t! Even you don’t believe that. You’re just saying that.”

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CNN contributor Margaret Hoover threw her support in for Kristol when Maher refused to back off his remarks. She indicated that the tea party got its start on purely economic issues, beginning with the Troubled Asset Recovery Program under George W. Bush.

“It actually did start under President Bush,” she asserted.

Watch the exchange below.


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