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Obama’s reaction to heckler at DNC a telling sign of his cult-like power

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They’re still crazy after all these years.

President Obama was well into a speech to the Democratic National Committee summit on Friday — larded up with the usual liberal tropes and his latest “populist” message — when a heckler in the back of the audience interrupted.

Photo: Im41.com

“Mr. Obama, tell us about your plans for nuclear war with Russia!” the man shouted, according to a transcript released by the White House.

Obama was dismissive — bordering on disdainful. And that contempt triggered the crowd.

They drowned the man out with chants of “O-bah-ma! O-bah-ma!” until the heckler either settled down or found himself in the hotel basement with six Secret Service agents and an IRS auditor.

No news outlets that covered the event have reported what set the heckler off, and no sane person thinks Obama is really contemplating nuclear war with Russia anyway. (Think what it would do to health insurance premiums.) But what’s really telling is how the Obamabots responded.

Back when George W. Bush would get heckled by the Code Pink weirdoes or some other lefty outfit, Republican crowds used to drown them out with chants of “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

Not only do libs not chant “U-S-A, U-S-A,” it wouldn’t even occur to them to in the first place. That’s because it’s not really about the country at all — for them or for him.

It’s not just a presidency — it’s the personality cult it’s always been, except now it’s stoked by the arrogance of five years in power.

Check out the video here.


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