Nine-year-old’s awesome answer on math test reminds teacher to remember wounded warriors

A New York boy is getting extra credit outside the classroom for this note he added to the correct answer on a math test.



The Wounded Warrior Project tweeted the image of the test (tip of the hat to and the responses came rolling in.

If you needed a smile today, this is it.

And what about the men and women who aren’t children anymore, and do have the power to change the world. Twitter posters were wondering about them, too.

According to the Wounded Warrior Facebook page, the boy started getting involved with the Wounded Warrior Project three years ago, when he asked for donations to the organization instead of birthday gifts for his sixth birthday.

He’s done the same every year since, as well as being part of the Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride NY (a fundraising a camaraderie building event duplicated in other states), and putting together a Wounded Warrior run with fellow campers at his summer camp.

But the reception of the math test answer goes way beyond news about a single fundraiser or summer camp for kids. One woman Twitter user pretty much summed it up.

The rest of us do, too.


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