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Hollywood actress speaks out: US schools indoctrinate kids with liberal agenda hostile to America

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On the air with Dana Loesch on Friday, Hollywood actress Sam Sorbo talked about her own awakening to the ideological bias of American public schools and pleaded with American parents to understand how deeply entrenched the liberal worldview has become in the public school system.

danaloesch0301“Why are we brainwashed into believing that an institution is the best place for our children to hang out all day?” Sorbo asked. “Who wrote that law?”

Living in the progressive people’s state of California – and in Hollywood in particular – Sorbo said she’s seen first-hand the stultifying effects of the liberal cultural malaise. Until recently, with a radio show and through writing “The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven,” Sorbo said she kept quiet about her own beliefs, for the sake of her own acting career and that of her husband, actor Kevin Sorbo.

“I was cowed … by all the people in Hollywood who speak very openly … promoting leftist, progressive values,” Sam Sorbo said.

But since “coming out of the closet” as a conservative — and staunch Second Amendment defender —  Sorbo said she has taken a particular interest in the public education system. Although a graduate of public schools herself, the 47-year-old actress said school has changed to the point where she home-schools her three kids.

“Schools absolutely have changed,” she said.

She said that view coalesced after she met conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart, and began writing about education.

“As naive as I was back then, I thought, ‘Well if I write about school, that’s not political!’” Sorbo said. “But of course school is the most political, because that’s where the progressive agenda is coming out the strongest and the hardest.”

Parents of young children need to understand the hazards, she said.

“You people who send your kids to school, this progressive, liberal — it’s antithetical to America, the agenda that they’re being indoctrinated with.”

It’s a lesson committed conservatives learned decades ago. Like all good lessons, it’s one that bears repeating.

Check out Loesch’s interview with Sorbo here.


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