After ‘Russia invaded Ukraine’ speech, Obama declares official ‘happy hour with Democratic Party’

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President Obama gave yet another example Friday of just how disengaged he is when dealing with real-world problems, while exhibiting his true passion and forte — political campaigning.

While Russia invaded the Ukraine, Obama fiddled.

Ace of Spades Editor John Ekdahl summed it all up perfectly in this tweet:


The first half of Ekdahl’s tweet referred to a CBS breaking-news announcement that Russian troops had moved into Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula:


The president responded to the crisis by delivering a brief speech late Friday, suggesting that Vice President Joe Biden — not Obama himself — had been in contact with the Ukrainian president. The Daily Caller responded to the speech with this headline: “Obama fires verbs at Russian tanks.”

And what happened next was covered by the last half of Ekdahl’s observation. Time Magazine political reporter Zeke Miller revealed what the president did next in respondce to this huge foreign-affairs event, tweeting:


Yep! Right after making his milquetoast speech on the Ukrainian crisis, the president was taken to the Washington Hilton to party it up at a Democratic National Committee function.

This was quickly confirmed by CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller, who tweeted:


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In true Alfred E. Neuman style, Obama’s attitude about the crisis in Europe seemed to be, “What, me worry?” After all, Biden had everything under control.

This isn’t the first time the president has appeared disengaged. Perhaps the most egregious example came after he delivered his Rose Garden speech the morning after the Benghazi attack. After blaming the slaughter of four Americans on a YouTube video, he jetted off to party it up with Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Las Vegas.

The good news is that we have only three years left of Obama. The bad news is that we have three years left of Obama.

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