Florida Five: Rubio slams Hillary, calls for sanctions against Venezuela, Twin bills attempt to halt Common Core

Take a look at the day’s top political stories in Friday’s Florida Five… Rubio calls for sanctions against Venezuela, slams Clinton: U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., announced […]

Fla. lawmakers urge Obama to halt deportation of Venezuelans

MIAMI — A Florida congressman is calling on President Obama to grant political asylum to Venezuelans caught in a rising tide of violence in the South American […]

Rubio calls for sanctions against Venezuela, takes swipe at Hillary Clinton

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., announced Thursday that he was introducing a resolution “deploring violence in Venezuela [and] calling for full accountability of human rights violations” there. […]

jolly sink
Florida special election could be first test on Obamacare

U.S. Rep. Bill Young’s death requires a special election in Florida that could turn out to be a referendum on Obamacare. The Congressional District 13 race between […]

Florida food chain now charging Obamacare fee

A Florida restaurant chain has begun listing an additional one percent to each of its customers’ tabs with the description, “ACA Surcharge” — ACA meaning the Affordable […]

obama messiah
‘Pastor’ Obama tells his young acolytes they’re doing ‘God’s work’

President Obama told a gathering of acolytes in typical arrogant fashion Tuesday that they were doing “God’s work” by enrolling people in Obamacare and supporting his minimum-wage […]

Gary Senise
Actor Gary Sinise treats 50 wounded warriors to Disneyland

Washington Free Beacon 2013 Man of the Year Gary Sinise treated 50 wounded warriors to Disney World earlier this month, the Orange County Register reports. Honoring the military members was the idea […]

‘Straight-shootin senior’ in NRA video kills Joe Biden’s shotgun theory

The National Rifle Association appears to have disproved every bit of advice Vice President Joe Biden gave about warding off intruders in a new video featuring a […]

Comedic actor’s funny exchange with senator at hearing included the words ‘knocked up’

Comedian and actor Seth Rogen added his own unique twist Wednesday to testimony offered before a U.S. Senate hearing on Alzheimer’s disease. While no laughing matter, Rogen […]

Incident reports show dozens of ATF firearms lost, misplaced or stolen

Federal agents have lost or misplaced dozens of service weapons from 2009 through 2013, according to records obtained by a Wisconsin newspaper through the Freedom of Information […]

Modesto Junior College
Student, not allowed to hand out U.S. Constitutions freely, wins $50K settlement from school

A California student who was shut down last year while trying to hand out copies of the Constitution on the day we celebrate that very document has […]

UCLA student’s unhinged anti-Israel meltdown goes viral

A UCLA student’s epic meltdown gives a whole new meaning to the term bleeding heart. The term “bleeding heart” is often applied to leftists because of the […]