Video: Obama, Biden show us how they ‘move’

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden jogged all around the West Wing taking part in what the first lady’s “Let’s Move” initiative claimed was “the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the president and vice president show us how they move.”

Actually, we are waiting for both of them to move right out of the White House, but…

As part of the four-year anniversary of Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign, “Let’s Move” announced that Obama and Biden joined an “overwhelming number of people around the country who showed us how they move using the hashtag #LetsMove.”

And so they jogged, they stretched, and they hydrated, and then they vowed to exercise together every week.

Aww. Not.

It’s so absurd, you actually should take just a moment to watch:

Update: It didn’t take long for the jokes to begin. Remember the Prancercise lady? Check out this hilarious photo posted on Chicks on the Right’s Facebook page Friday night:


H/T: Mediaite

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7 thoughts on “Video: Obama, Biden show us how they ‘move’

  1. Wraith says:

    They move on the WH all at the same time the Russians move on the Crimean to intimidate Ukraine.

  2. miamigarner says:

    Let’s see,Athiests,queers,muslims,illegal aliens and the,”oh so mistreated wild uncontrollable negro”
    I’ll never trust a muslim or negro again

    I wasn’t very racist until I saw the animals,reacting to Trayvon.and calling muslim obama there savior,now I know why.I no longer respect or trust people,who choose to judge a person by the colour of their skin,instead of the content of their character and Obama should be an absolute disgrace to their race.But they don’t care about the truth or what he does because he’s black.

    I found some information,It makes a lot of sense,It explains a lot.

    Adam and Eve have only their own seed within themselves, so can only produce their own kind. Yet we are asked by intellectual prostitutes to believe that all races came from Adam and Eve. To produce another race or species, another seed would be necessary. When different races mix, they do not bring forth their own kind; their offspring are mongrels or hybrids. This is a transgression against Divine Law, upsetting Nature’s delicate balance and producing THAT WHICH IS NOT GOOD. Little wonder that, so often in the past, God has destroyed His own children for mongrelizing, and, you can be sure, He will again.

    We could go on indefinitely quoting Scripture to prove that the negro is merely an articulate member of the beast creation. Even though he has not been given the intelligence and Spiritual understanding of the White Race, he can think and reason up to a point, therefore he is to have dominion over the other animals.

    Let us give credit where credit is due, the negro is King, KING OF THE BEASTS.

    For proof that they are beasts, and God calls them exactly that, may I refer you to the following passages:

  3. Sam Haynie says:

    If only they would do it…..”Let’s move”…prefer they move to another country!

  4. Cheryl Newcomb says:

    If I hadn’t already lost all respect for the Presidency, this clinched it.

  5. SusieQ says:

    Just like those two fakes, jogging in dress shirt and tie complete with dress shoes, they are both disgusting. So unbecoming, no wonder other countries do not respect us.

  6. Texas Belle says:

    Oh, yeah, they jogged all the way down the hall. Wow! That is showing their subjects how not to be obese. This is so silly!!!

  7. Organix says:

    A compilation of Obama’s lies about saving your $2,500 a year in healthcare costs:

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