Mark Levin: ‘There’s only one voice in opposition’ to DC politics – the ‘collective tea party movement’

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin said Thursday that the GOP “has lost its way,” and when establishment Republican lawmakers “disparage and malign the tea party” on the House and Senate floor, they’re doing the same to the American people.

Appearing on “Your World” for a telephone interview with Fox News host Neil Cavuto, Levin concluded that although the tea party isn’t an actual third party, it could turn into one if Republicans continue to ignore it.

“There’s only one voice in opposition” to Washington’s “social engineering,” he said, “and that is the collective tea party movement.”

Instead of engaging in party politics, “we need to change the game,” he added. “We need to get our players on the field.”

When asked for names of “our players,” Levin mentioned Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul “and in many respects Rubio.” He left out New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, calling him “the billionaires’ favorite Republican.”

Sticking to conservative values is the key to victory at the polls, he argued.

“An articulate, knowledgable conservative with an articulable agenda,” in his opinion, “is going to win.” 

Watch the exchange via Fox News.


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