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UCLA student’s unhinged anti-Israel meltdown goes viral

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A UCLA student’s epic meltdown gives a whole new meaning to the term bleeding heart.

The term “bleeding heart” is often applied to leftists because of the extreme sympathy shown to causes they support, but this student’s reaction to a vote that didn’t go her way will live in infamy.

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The UCLA student council defeated a resolution urging the school to “divest from companies associated with the Israeli occupation of Gaza [sic] and the West Bank,” according to Breitbart News.

The resolution failed 7-5, and the student began wailing her discontent in an profanity laced anti-Israel rant that brings to mind the temper tantrum toddlers throw when they are denied their favorite brand of cereal at the grocery store.

*Caution – Adult Launguage

Tom Tillison


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