Hey Dems, Fox News thanks you for all the hate!

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren went “off the record” Wednesday night to thank all the Democrats who hate the Fox News Channel for all the free publicity and for helping it be the No. 1 news network since January 2002.

Van Susteren showed a video compilation of Democratic lawmakers, including chief Dem., President Obama, bashing the station time after time.

“This is one of the strangest things,” she said with a big smile. “Politicians who don’t like Fox News talk about us all the time, they just can’t help themselves. I love it. Every time they get all revved up about Fox, we get the free advertising.”

She nailed the Democrats who constantly criticize Fox’s coverage of the issues, though, for exactly what it appears to be a lot of the time: “Makes them sort of look petty, doesn’t it? Sometimes even like they’re hiding stuff.”

Watch the snarky Van Susteren via Fox here:

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