Hey Dems, Fox News thanks you for all the hate!

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren went “off the record” Wednesday night to thank all the Democrats who hate the Fox News Channel for all the free publicity and for helping it be the No. 1 news network since January 2002.

Van Susteren showed a video compilation of Democratic lawmakers, including chief Dem., President Obama, bashing the station time after time.

“This is one of the strangest things,” she said with a big smile. “Politicians who don’t like Fox News talk about us all the time, they just can’t help themselves. I love it. Every time they get all revved up about Fox, we get the free advertising.”

She nailed the Democrats who constantly criticize Fox’s coverage of the issues, though, for exactly what it appears to be a lot of the time: “Makes them sort of look petty, doesn’t it? Sometimes even like they’re hiding stuff.”

Watch the snarky Van Susteren via Fox here:

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Janeen Capizola

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." And fun! This conservative-minded political junkie, mom of three, dancer and one-time NFL cheerleader holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science. [email protected] Twitter: @JaneenBPR


110 thoughts on “Hey Dems, Fox News thanks you for all the hate!

  1. John Campbell says:

    And here to give us the rest of the story, the good folks at Air America, ……………………………………….. the good folks at Air America, ……………………………………….. shshhsshshhhshshshshhshshhshshshshshsshshshshhhshshsshshshshshshsshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshsh

    OK, well, we seem to be having some technical difficulties so we’ll take a break and be right back. :o)

    1. FriendofThom says:

      Air America served its purpose… the election of Obama.

      1. crossingTheDelaware says:

        You attribute Obama’s victory to Air America? Why would Democrats willingly shutter it instead of using it to win the 2014 midterms?

        1. FriendofThom says:

          The internet is more cost effective.

          1. crossingTheDelaware says:

            And the internet wasn’t also more cost effective just a short couple years ago?

      2. auntielib says:

        ?? In light of the following from just yesterday, you’d think the Democrats would want to resurrect Air America, wouldn’t you, FriendofThom??

        “The most important change since we looked at the Senate map three months ago is the glut of outside spending, particularly against Democratic incumbents in the majority-making seats of North Carolina, Louisiana, and Alaska. The nonprofit, conservative group Americans for Prosperity has dumped tens of millions into those states, beating up incumbents who now have–at best–50/50 chances of retaining their seats.

        Republicans are well positioned to win a Senate majority in 2014. A favorable map, combined with a positive national environment driven by disapproval of the health care law, have put Democrats on the defensive.

        The rankings are best considered in tiers. The first two seats are very likely to flip, while in seats 3 and 4 Republicans are favored to take over. In seats 5 through 7, Democratic incumbents in red states are deeply vulnerable, and if Republicans win the top four, they need only two of the three seats in this tier to control the Senate.”

        1. FriendofThom says:

          We’ll see.. Republican candidates have a way of shooting themselves in the foot, talking about things like “legitimate rape.”

          1. auntielib says:

            We saw what happened in the last midterms – a veritable bloodbath for Democrats. The Republicans certainly didn’t shoot themselves in the foot then, did they?

            What makes you think the House and Senate Democrats, who wrote and voted for the ACA, haven’t shot themselves in the foot??

          2. FriendofThom says:

            If Repubs had not nominated far-right Tea Partiers and some losers who shot themselves in the foot, they would have won control of the Senate

          3. auntielib says:

            On the contrary, it was because the GOP nominated “far right” Tea Party types that the GOP won the House.
            Plus the “far right” types are MUCH preferable to the far wrong types that the Democrats run.

    2. JKellogg says:

      HEY! Don’t steal “the rest of the story” away from Paul Harvey.

      ….Seriously dating myself here 😉

      1. John Campbell says:

        Well, I can’t account for the people you date. That’s a personal thing. However, I’m an old Paul Harvey fan from way back too. Welcome aboard. :o)

      2. John Campbell says:

        JKellog, I took the liberty of a quick look at your profile when I spotted this:

        “The following are the kinds of comments that not allowed on our site and
        may be subject to removal: Attacks or insults directed at other
        commenters, the post author or other journalists…”

        I have to tell you (obviously within what I consider to be within reason as I’m not prone to colorful metaphors), I’ve got to be one of the biggest violators of such a policy.

        I have no qualms in attacking and insulting the works of a writer that I spot as leftist propaganda masquerading as news from an alleged journalist. While I’ve not spotted such with any in house commentary on stories as of yet, some of the links provided, videos and such, certainly get my attention.

        Further, I have no love lost on socialists, be them a communist or fascist variety, and I don’t always keep it subtle. Naturally that would take in other posters, some of which are here on your forum, and who seem to delight in spreading fertilizer and copious amounts of other Barbra Streisand.

        I’ve gotta tell you, this makes it mighty tough!

        Could you possibly elaborate as to the level of what something has to rise to, or sink to, in order to get a negative look from the moderation department? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading and posting here and I’d very much like to continue, if possible, without engendering any official dirty looks, so to speak. :o)

        1. JKellogg says:

          Sure, John. Have a look at the BizPacReview comment policy at the bottom right of the homepage. Here is the link to it:


          If I were to personally summarize what sticks in my craw, it would be ad-hominem attacks.


          It seems to me that these have been rampant here in the past.

          1. John Campbell says:

            I’ve been dealing with socialists, at first just pegging them when they attempted to deny it, for several decades now. Looking back, anyone could have claimed my statements to be “name calling”, ad-hominem attacks, or the like, and they sometimes did. I don’t claim to be the expert on this as I’m not above an honest mistake. I’ve ended up realizing it after fashion and then follow up with a posted apology.

            Through that time I’ve pegged countless socialists, but I do believe that some of them were the same individuals attempting to start over with a new screen name. My contempt for socialism and socialists runs very high. Far too many people have died as a result of the socialist will being forced and too many have given their lives to stop them.

            Today there are less of them that don’t admit it and instead attempt to sell it. Repackaged and run up the flag pole again with yet another name co-opted from the English language.

            For many years the average 16 year old or younger had no interest in politics, forms of government, government histories, or the like. Today we have 13 year olds running around claiming to be socialists/Marxists/ communists and whatever else they’ve been fed. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and right to express them, but to see this happening here in the U.S., the nation with the only form of government that protects those rights, it’s like looking into an alternate reality through a keyhole and witnessing people proclaiming to one another that death by starvation is the ultimate thrill and everyone should be doing it. The utter insanity of it is like living a nightmare from a Rod Sterling presentation.

            As a result of this I’m often faced with the dilemma of trying to decipher if the individual making such claims actually knows what they are saying or if the elements that attempts to mislead have also managed to promote their agenda without referencing the source, in some cases without even a nomenclature. In the latter I refer to the socialist who doesn’t know what he/she is advocating by definition and would take offense to being informed of it.

            Then there is the factor of, “in my opinion”. It would seem that I may not be prepared to address things the same way if such were to be confronted as “ad-hominem attacks”.

            Any thoughts?

  2. I remember life before Fox News, I never liked Crossfire because you couldn’t hear anything with everyone screaming at the same time, never liked Larry King and his boring hour long interviews, never liked their coverage of Gulf War I with absolutely nothing happening, just footage from a tank and a reporter repeating himself. Then came FNC with Bill O’Reilly’s entertaining segments. If one bored you, a new one was coming. FNC debates the issues other networks won’t cover, they invite my favorite libertarians, they show us the conservative POV rarely heard.

    Surviving the Obama years would be unthinkable without Fox News. Where else can a man watch reporters not in love with der fuhrer? Greta is right, their enemies gave them publicity and lead others to see what the fuss is all about, and when they do, they often become fans.

    Let us hope FNC stays fair and balanced, the future of the GOP and the country depends on it.

  3. JJBuck says:

    Amen, Gregory,…I watch all of them a little bit until I have to pull the bucket over and vomit, after which I either return to FOX or just turn it all off…I don’t at all agree with everything there and don’t watch the extremists (formerly Beck and now Hannity), but at least you get ALL the news, not just what THEY (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC [choke…]) want us to hear…

  4. Wild_Bird says:

    Fox News, the Koch brothers, Halliburton, tax cuts for the rich, blah, blah, blah. HOW PATHETIC! ! !

    The fascist Left hate the fact that they no longer have a monopoly on the dissemination of information.

    The loony Left constantly whine because Fox News and Talk Radio cover stories and DemocRAT scandals that the leftwing media largely ignore.

    1. FriendofThom says:

      Rightwingers have FOX News, Rush Phlegmball and others on radio, and countless sites on the internet, but they whine just as much about the stranglehold of the mainstream media. HOW PATHETIC! ! ! HAHAHA!

      1. auntielib says:

        “Rightwingers have FOX News, Rush Phlegmball and others on radio”
        Wait, what happened to Air America??

        Or did it go the same way that CNN and MSNBC are currently going?

      2. Wild_Bird says:

        Thank you for proving my point about the fascist Left’s true motives in their proposed but now shelved attempt to have government agents in newsrooms to conduct a “study.”

        The totalitarian Left would love to shut down Fox News and Talk Radio BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

        The totalitarian Left has an insatiable lust for more power and control over every aspect of life in our society.

        1. FriendofThom says:

          “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY” = an academic-type study? HAHA.. I guess Obama isn’t a dictator after all, or FOX would already be shut down.

          1. crossingTheDelaware says:

            How would you feel about this: Let’s do an Academic Investigation of the Federal Government to determine if there is bias in the policy decisions and actions (e.g. Executive Orders, EPA Regulations, IRS actions). The investigation would also determine if the Federal Government is subverting the Critical Information Needs of American regarding Federal government waste, fraud and abuse. The investigative committee would “Ferret out information” from Federal Administrations such as the FCC, IRS, EPA, DoJ, and especially the White House.

            You wouldn’t oppose this would you? Only paranoids or partisans would oppose it – it’s just a study after all.

          2. Wild_Bird says:

            The Left pursues their unconstitutional totalitarian agenda incrementally.

            Now we learn that 4 of the 5 authors of the FCC “study” donated to Obama.


    2. JKellogg says:

      Hiya Wild_Bird. Go to see you here!

      1. Wild_Bird says:

        Thanks brother JKellogg.

  5. FriendofThom says:

    So FOX is #1 cable news network.. BFD! The lies and fearmongering demagoguery spewed on FOX failed to prevent the election and reelection of President Obama.

    1. Les Kimbler says:

      That’s because 53% of the American public are just a bunch of mindless drones who said “Hey, maybe a black guy would be cool in the White House.” And how many of those idiots have now learned a lesson and are like “Oh hell, we Fubar’d.” About 28%. The other 25% are either black or just too oblivious to see what’s happening to the country.

      1. FriendofThom says:

        If 53% of the American public are just a bunch of mindless drones as you say, then Repubs have no hope of winning White House in 2016. You’re wrong, but Repubs still of no hope.. not with the worst GOP civil war since Teddy Roosevelt left the party to run as the candidate of the Progressive Party.

        1. Les Kimbler says:

          You may be correct, but the one thing that is going to prove my point is when these same mindless drones all do the same thing and go, “Hey, it would be cool to have a woman in the White House” if Clit on runs.

          1. Maureen says:

            I won’t vote a clit to be president.

        2. auntielib says:

          As for me, I’m not counting the 2016 election chickens just yet.
          And, more importantly, it looks like the Democrat Party is going to take a terrific beating in the 2014 elections.
          First things first, eh FriendofThom?

          1. Cold War Vet says:

            Amen auntie..I hope we can keep up the momentum till Nov to get the demonrats out. That is if we’re not speaking Russian by then..

    2. auntielib says:

      LOL! You make it sound as if you think Obama getting elected was a “good thing”!

    3. JKellogg says:

      Hmmm… getting close to fallacial logic here — “ad argumentun FoxNewsum.”

  6. Jerry says:

    Only the Obtuse Liberal will argue with those ratings.

  7. lester says:

    What does the ‘real’ God say about liars? Obama, and demo politicians, check Revelation 21:8 b, and 21:27 and 22:15. Remember the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge to those that believe, otherwise get used to hot places! eternity is a long, long time more than O’bums trillions!

    1. Ole Man says:

      Read the book of Amos, lester; then get back to me on your party and how they’re doing.

  8. Dominic De Falco says:

    Americans love petty, they revel in it!

  9. ted paine says:

    FOXNEWS: #! (in my best Forrest Gump Voice- AH-GIN)

  10. Rob Erta says:

    Do you think that the ghost of Karl Marx is thrilled about his resurrection by American liberals?

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