Megyn Kelly rips bully congressman in passionate defense of leukemia patient

megyn kelly 3Fox News’ Megyn Kelly put forth a passionate defense of Julie Boonstra on Tuesday, ripping Rep. Gary Peters, D-Mich., for “attacking a leukemia patient.”

Boonstra, a resident of Michigan, found herself at the center of a political storm after appearing in an Americans for Prosperity ad, telling viewers she lost her healthcare plan due to Obamacare and is faced with unpredictable out-of-pocket expenses with her new plan.

A Washington Post editorial called into question some of the details of her claim, and Peters had lawyers try to prevent the ad from running on local television stations, saying her testimonial is inaccurate.

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Kelly said that Peters was invited to come on the show “repeatedly,” and “he has declined, repeatedly.”

“This is a U.S. Congressman going after a leukemia patient.” Kelly said. “She [Boonstra] went to his house to try to confront him over this and he’s basically hiding inside — she said he was in there, he wouldn’t open his door.”

Twitter users were quick to respond to Kelly’s passion after the segment aired Tuesday, and based on a few examples captured by Twitchy, Peters may come to regret trying to bully a cancer patient:

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