Hannity brutalizes Dem defending Obamacare: ‘You’re gonna lose badly’

seanhannity0226Fox News host Sean Hannity is willing to bet that the Virginia Democrat who’s trying to take Rep. Eric Cantor’s seat is going to lose.

After you see this video, you will be too.

Appearing on the “Hannity” program Tuesday night, Democrat Mike Dickinson had a chance to defend a Twitter posting that accused Fox News of spreading lies and calling for the Federal Communications Commission to monitor the cable channel.

Instead he tried to focus on Obamacare, and floundered badly as Hannity peppered him with questions about how the president lied to push the health care overhaul.

After first almost laughably failing to blame the myriad problems plaguing Obamacare on “greedy” insurance companies, Dickinson finally acknowledged that “whenever you do something legislatively, there are going to be small errors that occur.”

Classic contemporary liberalism.

(“Sorry about that small error with your son’s leukemia, ma’am. It’s all for the greater good.”)

Even by lib standards, though, Dickinson has a flair for the outrageous. In Twitter posts after the “Hannity” appearance he’s written that anyone who wears a ribbon for the Benghazi victims is “mentally ill” and that National Rifle Association members are ideological descendants of the KKK.

Unfortunately for the country, he’s not the only lib nutcase in American politics. Unfortunately for Dickinson, he’s not running for office in San Francisco.

“Good luck to you,” Hannity said,  as the interview ended. “You’re gonna lose. I’ll put any amount of money on it. And you’re gonna lose badly.”

Watch the video — and bet on it.


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