Controversy: Should American Atheists have been booted from CPAC?

Nothing like a little controversy to spike attendance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) an annual event attended by 10,000 faithful conservative activists. They will gather on […]

Wounded war hero’s powerful open letter calls President Obama an ‘elitist rich thug’

For a warrior’s view of the Iraq war, it would be tough to beat the perspective of Brian Kolfage – a retired Air Force senior airman who […]

Annoying puppet Al Sharpton must have direct line to Obama’s teleprompter

A toddler learning to talk often repeats what they hear verbatim, which can be a risque adventure. But for MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, the practice of repeating what […]

Hysterical video of thief getting butt kicked
Hysterical video of thief getting butt kicked

Nothing like a swift kick in the ass to stop a skinny car thief.

soldier instagram
Soldier brags about refusing to salute American flag, sparks online outrage

When a U.S. soldier announced on Instagram that she was hiding in her car to avoid saluting the American flag, angry patriots on social media didn’t waste any […]

Hannity brutalizes Dem defending Obamacare: ‘You’re gonna lose badly’

Fox News host Sean Hannity is willing to bet that the Virginia Democrat who’s trying to take Rep. Eric Cantor’s seat is going to lose. After you […]

black pastors 1
Black pastors’ group tries to impeach Eric Holder; uses harsh words to describe Obama

A group of black clergymen has decided that impeaching President Obama over his gay rights agenda would be a losing battle, so it’s going after his attorney […]

megyn kelly 3
Megyn Kelly rips bully congressman in passionate defense of leukemia patient

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly put forth a passionate defense of Julie Boonstra on Tuesday, ripping Rep. Gary Peters, D-Mich., for “attacking a leukemia patient.” Boonstra, a resident […]

surfer dude
‘The O’Reilly Factor’ calls out unapologetic, lobster-buying, food stamp surfer in infuriating new interview

Eight months after its expose’ on food stamp abuse, The O’Reilly Factor found California surfer Jason Greenslate is still receiving $190 a month in the free benefits. […]

Katy Perry’s new video with ‘Allah’ prompts Muslim outrage, petition to remove from YouTube

It doesn’t take much these days. Recording artist Katy Perry has released a new video of the song “Dark Horse,” which has some Muslims crying blasphemy and […]

Dr. Ben Carson’s sobering warning: Government trying to hide coming ‘Third World nation’ status

Drawing a line from the patriotism of Nathan Hale in the Revolution to the tea party roots of rage against out-of-control federal spending, Dr. Ben Carson warned […]

john bolton
John Bolton accuses Obama of actively trying to weaken America

In response to sweeping defense cuts proposed by the White House, John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., accused President Obama of ‘consciously’ trying to […]