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Oliver North, Allen West have plenty to say about troop cuts; ‘Bet Iran, Putin, China cheering’

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The Obama administration intends to draw down the U.S. military to pre-World War II levels, a move that retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North called “a page out of Jimmy Carter’s playbook.”

The Monday announcement by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel also incensed retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West, who said the move must have Iran, Russia and China cheering.

“The strategic description of what the military is supposed to look like,” should be “based on your adversaries and your allies,” North said to Fox News “American News Headquarters” co-host Alisyn Camerota, calling the effort a “unilateral partial disarmament plan.” “The Obama team apparently came up with a number and backed into their force structure.”

Calling it “a formula for disaster,” North said Carter was the only other president to so drastically reduce the military’s numbers.

Personnel are “the most important component of our military,” the military historian said. And the administration’s actions will “flush out” the best and brightest of America’s non-commissioned and junior officers.

Obama’s plan was the exact opposite of Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength” strategy required to defend the United States, North told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren.

In response to the announcement, West tweeted:

West’s assessment, laid out in greater detail on his website, AllenBWest.com, was similar to North’s, though perhaps a tad less diplomatic.

“It seems Hagel, in his insidious and dubious manner, fails to realize that the most technologically advanced weapon on the battlefield is a trained, resolute, and determined warrior,” West wrote. “Instead of ‘investing’ in the most important task of our federal government — providing for the common defense — we shall now focus on ‘investing’ in the expansion of the welfare nanny-state. There is no doubt where President Obama’s priorities lie.”

He echoed North’s Reagan-Obama comparison, but took it much further.

“We have departed from the maxim of ‘peace through strength’ to a belief in ‘appeasement through weakness,’” he said. “Obama somehow believes kumbaya is a strategic objective. And don’t give me the crap about drones, because we learned during Vietnam that a president should not be directing strikes from the White House – implemented by another failed progressive president, Lyndon Baines Johnson.”

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