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‘Miraculous’: Bibi, Merkel photo called ‘picture of the year so far’

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A photo of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is rapidly getting attention, according to The Weekly Standard.

The picture was reportedly taken by photographer Marc Israel Sellem of the Jerusalem Post and tweeted by Post reporter Ben Hartman. The ironic camera shadow of Bibi’s finger is causing quite a buzz.

Update from Twitter via Twitchy:  Jerusalem reporter Lahav Harkov  said that the photo will not be published in the Post, but people have been having a laugh about it since it went viral on social media, including this witty comment: “too soon, Bibi?’

The Weekly Standard reported on the more serious news of Merkel’s visit:

A boycott against Israel is not an option but it is acceptable to label products produced in West Bank settlements, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday in Jerusalem.

“We do not support the demands for a boycott. This is not an option for Germany. We have certain rules of labeling and we have to adhere to those rules, but we do not believe in boycotts,” she said.

Merkel also supported Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state as a critical component of a two state solution.

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