Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell promote ‘beach bods’ to young kids in ‘Let’s Move’ focus group

Celebrating the fourth anniversary of the “Let’s Move” campaign, first lady Michelle Obama and funny man Will Ferrell hosted a focus group of children who discussed, among other things, having a “beach bod” for summer.

“We wanted to get your opinions on how you think we can get kids like you to eat healthier and to get more exercise,” the first lady said before introducing Ferrell

The actor asked the kids to name their favorite fruits and vegetables, suggesting diet cola as a possible option. Then came the zinger.

“Is there one trick to having, you know, a great beach bod for the summer, getting healthy?” Ferrell asked.

It’s not about tricks, the first lady responded. “Getting a good body and staying healthy, is about dedication and consistency and eating right.”

When asked to name their favorite comedian, one child said, “Jimmy Fallon,” and another agreed.

It seems they didn’t know the guy in the room was a comedian.

Watch the video here released by the White House:

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