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Former world chess champ: If Obama was cold war president, I’d still be Soviet citizen

Garry Kasparov / Image credit: www.travelthruhistory.tv

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Chess grand master, long-running world chess champion and political activist Garry Kasparov observed Saturday that had Barack Obama been president during the closing days of the cold war instead of Ronald Reagan, things would have been very different for him — and not in a good way.

He tweeted:

Twitter users all along the political spectrum reacted, and before long, he was retweeted over 2,000 times. Kasparov’s tweet also elicited a lot of responses. GOP political strategist John Weaver tweeted:

Still another Twitter user was reminded of six famous words spoken by Reagan in Berlin in those days:

And another found humor in Kasparov’s tweet, coming from someone who thinks 10 moves ahead in chess:

But he was immediately corrected by WeaselZippers’ editor:

Dennis Yedwab apparently found Kasparov’s observation ridiculous, and asked:

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I would answer Yedwab something like this: Kasparov knows chess players, and Obama ain’t no chess player.


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