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Outraged environmental zealots push to muzzle Charles Krauthammer

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Outraged by conservative writer Charles Krauthammer’s latest column,  die-hard climate change proponents are calling for the Washington Post not to publish the piece.

In “The Myth of ‘Settled Science,’” Krauthammer meticulously documented the fallacy of “climate change” as a foregone conclusion, enraging HillHeat Editor Brad Johnson, who chortled on Twitter that 110,000 people had urged the Post “to stop publishing climate lies,” according to Fox News.

Johnson, who claims a background in climate science and political organizing, seems to believe that trampling on Krauthammer’s First Amendment rights is the best way to advance his argument, rather than sticking to a constructive, fact-based debate. Johnson’s zealous cohorts “showed up just in time to make precisely the point I made in the column,” Krauthammer told Fox News’ Howard Kurtz.

In the column, the best-selling author of “Things That Matter” pointed out that he is neutral on the question of climate change. But he quoted the United Kingdom’s national weather service findings that the global temperature hasn’t changed in 15 years. Other estimates he cited show the number of tornadoes and hurricanes in the United States have dropped significantly over the past 30 years.

Krauthammer also chided radical environmentalists.

“They proudly want certain arguments banished from discourse. The next step is book burning,” he wrote in the column. “Is there anything more anti-scientific than scientific truths being determined by petition and demonstration?”


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