Louis Farrakhan: Black America must demand its own court system

Minister Louis Farrakhan

Minister Louis Farrakhan
Photo: Hannibal Muhammad via Facebook

Minister Louis Farrakhan, the outspoken and controversial leader of The Nation of Islam, called for a separate court system for African-Americans Sunday because he believes the biased U.S. judicial system does not deliver “equal justice.”

Speaking for almost three hours to a crowd of thousands assembled at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit for the last day of the annual convention of the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan railed against the system and encouraged the African-American community to demand its own court system.

“We want equal justice under the law,” the Detroit Free Press reported Farrakhan said. “Our people can’t take much more. We have to have our own courts. You failed us.”

According to the article:

Farrakhan suggested that African Americans rely on the Quran and Bible to help set up their own legal system that would be more fair to African Americans.

“Has America been just to us?” he asked the crowd.

“No,” the crowd responded

“So … if we retaliate, you can bring out your soldiers. We got some, too.”

Farrakhan, 80, said he hoped new “white mayor” Mike Duggan would be successful in restoring all of Detroit, not just “downtown.”

“First time in a long time you’ve had a white mayor. We hope he’ll be successful,” Farrakhan said.

Besides speaking about civil rights, he also tackled gay marriage, criticism that he has been anti-Semitic, and Muslims “fighting each other in the Middle East.”

According to the Press:

Farrakhan railed against Christian pastors who endorse gay marriage.

“God has never sanctioned that kind of behavior,” Farrakhan said.

During his talk, Farrakhan denied he was anti-Semitic, saying: “Did Jesus have a problem with the Jews of his day? He’s not a hater. Neither am I. I don’t hate Jewish people … what I hate is evil.” Farrakhan noted that both he and Henry Ford have been accused of being anti-Semitic: “I feel like I’m in good company.”

He said “Satan is in control of Hollywood,” TV, media and money.

Farrakhan also blasted Muslims for fighting each other in the Middle East.

You’re “slaughtering your own people for America” and the “European infidel,” Farrakhan said. He also told the crowd that if the U.S. launched a war on Iran, “we ain’t fighting. We’re not killing no Muslims for these infidels.”

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22 thoughts on “Louis Farrakhan: Black America must demand its own court system

  1. Eric says:

    Lets send him to planet negro!

  2. Last Bastion says:

    Farrakhan the islamic separatist , doing what he does best….. exploiting a totalitarian regime in the name of religion to promote hatred, racism, and separatism. The man is an anti-semite who hates America and white people. He can go sit in Al Sharpton’s church of perpetual victimization and cry on Jesse Jackson’s shoulder.

  3. ricks2524 says:

    Why don’t all the blacks that feel mistreated move back to Africa. After all they claim to be African-Americans. Then they wouldn’t have to deal with us white folks. The problem is no entitlement programs and they would all starve to death in a few months. Problem solved

  4. Jose Rodriguez says:

    It’s important to keep in mind that preserving liberty is up to each of us: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  5. Dmdjaj says:

    If this bigot Farrakhan wants different laws fir African Americans I suggest he move to s African country. All about destroying everything MLK stood for, my god he d the best dressed devil on earth who preaches hate.

  6. Tina Bryant Williams says:

    lets see all the history, I have heard fighting, etc. to be equal free all together. And it has been. And now he wants to pull certain people to one place away from the rest of us? So what is that saying he is enslaving them? Or the rest of the USA is not good enough? Were not equal? Really do not care what he has to say from what I have been able to make myself finish reading he is a idiot. And no ONE SHOULD GIVE HIM ANYTIME OF DAY> no one. Gas bag, another one, like JJ, AL, and the rest. To think like he does HELL no he can not have Detroit. HE and all like he can get off the US soil get out of our country. You live by the laws, the rules here or get out. You live under our GOD, our flag and respect it may not like it but respect it or get out. NO MORE WILL WE CHANGE NOTHING> First and last WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL TAKE AMERICA BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who says we can not pull others from other countries if needed to come here and help do so? ???????? I am sick so sick of this whinning lying, babbling racist crap. And he can threaten the government and he is still free, still ranting? And A Rep. in Florida, Mr. Black repeated the law the LAW on the books and SS was at this door questioning him??? Yeah guess this is another idiot of Obumbas.

  7. Coro Fasho says:

    The laws aren’t the problem,it’s the biased execution and application of them

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