Bad dad? Man films, laughs hysterically as kids slip on ice at school

The viral video of the dad laughing his – well, laughing really, really hard for six full minutes at a group of kids slipping on the ice is still going strong, yet not without its share of controversy.

In case you missed it, a man –identified as “Alan,” according to press reports – was hysterically laughing as he filmed, with verbal commentary, student after student slipping on a patch of ice as he waited for his own daughter to come out of school.

When his daughter joined him in the car, she was laughing, too, and together, they watched and tried to guess who would fall next. At one point, the daughter said, “We’re kind of bad people,” which led to another round of laughter.

No child who fell appeared injured. In fact, several kids came up smiling and laughing themselves.

But in many places the video has been posted, there have been the inevitable cries in the comments’ section that the dad is evil, cruel, mean, heartless for filming rather than helping the kids, and some people going so far as to say the dad is “creepy” for filming young school children. 

What do you think?

Watch here:


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