charles krauthammer
Outraged environmental zealots push to muzzle Charles Krauthammer

Outraged by conservative writer Charles Krauthammer’s latest column,  die-hard climate change proponents are calling for the Washington Post not to publish the piece. In “The Myth of […]

Leukemia patient won’t be intimidated as Dem threatens TV stations over Obamacare ad

A Michigan cancer patient who was called a liar by the man trying to become her senator isn’t backing away from her claim that Obamacare has endangered […]

Big Labor, ‘looking for revenge,’ expects to dump $300 million into 2014 elections

Big Labor pledges it will go all in, again, in its drive to knock out its top political adversaries in 2014. And one of the biggest targets […]

Canada dumps investor-visa program

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the U.S. government wrestles with its controversial investor-visa program, Canadians are killing theirs. Like America’s EB-5 system, Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program made thousands of […]

Bad dad? Man films, laughs hysterically as kids slip on ice at school

The viral video of the dad laughing his – well, laughing really, really hard for six full minutes at a group of kids slipping on the ice […]

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin is finished with public life, trashes MSNBC as a parting gesture

Hollywood provocateur Alec Baldwin is finished with public life. That’s what the controversial actor told The New Yorker Magazine in an article published on Sunday. “I haven’t […]

Minister Louis Farrakhan
Louis Farrakhan: Black America must demand its own court system

Minister Louis Farrakhan, the outspoken and controversial leader of The Nation of Islam, called for a separate court system for African-Americans Sunday because he believes the biased […]

florida sunshine state sign
Florida’s Governor Rick Scott and the Great Tax Migration

Just as capital migrates from places where it is unwelcome, people migrate from places that try to vacuum money from their pockets. There is a great human […]

nikki haley
Union-booting Nikki Haley doesn’t wear heels for a ‘fashion statement’

What’s not to like about a governor who says she wears high heels “not for a fashion statement,” but to kick big unions out of her state? […]

What could go wrong as students defend ‘fail factory’ school . . . in writing?

A school in Manhattan decided to get back at the New York Post for reporting on a program where failing students could get full credit without attending […]

Hagel to announce painful military cuts; prepare for showdown

Under pressure to slash the Pentagon budget, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel plans to announce painful cuts Monday, including reductions in pay raises, housing allowances, grocery subsidies and […]

Susan Rice has ‘no regrets’ about Benghazi lies, so why won’t she appear on FOX?

National Security Advisor Susan Rice was back on a Sunday talk show for the first time since she made the rounds in 2012 to spin a pack […]