MSNBC prime-time hosts refuse to support Peacock workers in fight for workplace fairness

More than 10,000 NBCUniversal-owned Peacock Production employees have signed petitions seeking improved workplace rights, but their bid for better working conditions didn’t seem to faze MSNBC’s five prime-time hosts.

Network employees had asked Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Al Sharpton, Chris Hayes and Ed Schultz to personally accept their letters of protest, but all were rebuffed, according to TVNewser.

The five left-wing progressive hosts apparently had no time for the working stiff.

Most offensive, perhaps, is the rejection by Schultz, who – as Breitbart News pointed out – pocketed more than $250,000 from unions in recent years to represent their cause.

“The company can’t have it both ways — presenting the strong progressive voices of the MSNBC hosts while at the same time depriving the Peacock employees of their own voices on the job,” Writers Guild of America East Communications Director Jason Gordon told TVNewser.

H/T: Newsbusters


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