Former President George W. Bush tears up over returning vets project

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In an interview aired Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” former President George W. Bush shed a tear as he spoke of war veterans he sent to war reintegrating into the civilian world.

ABC host Martha Raddatz asked Bush if the effort to help returning veterans find a “sense of purpose” helped him cope with the casualties brought on by the war. According to ABC News, there have been 6,800 troops killed, and 51,000 wounded in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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“No question it helps,” Bush replied. “I have a duty.”

“I obviously get slightly emotional talking about our vets because I’m in there with them,” he told Raddatz as a tear rolled down his right cheek.

“But my spirit is also uplifted when I visit with vets,” Bush continued. “As I say, there is no self-pity. They don’t say, ‘Woe is me.’ They say, ‘What can I do to continue to serve?’”

While Bush has faced unyielding criticism from opponents, few can match the former president in his commitment to veterans.

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