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Cheers for fed-up mom who tackled Common Core on Fox & Friends

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A frustrated, teed-off mom drew the attention of Fox News when she took her Common Core complaints to Twitter — enough that she scored a segment on Saturday’s “Fox & Friends.”

Arizonan Lindsey Bocskay, who describes herself as “conservative to the core and proud mom of a crazy 6-year-old” was flummoxed when her daughter brought home a math test showing problems she’d correctly answered but were marked wrong. Here’s an example:

When this and Bocskay’s numerous other tweets describing her “crazy 6-year-old’s” Common Core math assignments attracted the attention of Twitchy, Fox & Friends co-hosts Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris interviewed her pn their show. Here’s their exchange via Fox News.

The interview earned her lots of kudos in Twitter, including one unintended result of Common Core:

And the interview brought support:

And one enthusiastic prediction brought a reply from Bocskay

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