Cheers for fed-up mom who tackled Common Core on Fox & Friends

A frustrated, teed-off mom drew the attention of Fox News when she took her Common Core complaints to Twitter — enough that she scored a segment on Saturday’s “Fox & Friends.”

Arizonan Lindsey Bocskay, who describes herself as “conservative to the core and proud mom of a crazy 6-year-old” was flummoxed when her daughter brought home a math test showing problems she’d correctly answered but were marked wrong. Here’s an example:

When this and Bocskay’s numerous other tweets describing her “crazy 6-year-old’s” Common Core math assignments attracted the attention of Twitchy, Fox & Friends co-hosts Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris interviewed her pn their show. Here’s their exchange via Fox News.

The interview earned her lots of kudos in Twitter, including one unintended result of Common Core:

And the interview brought support:

And one enthusiastic prediction brought a reply from Bocskay

Read more tweets gathered by the Twitchy Team, then be sure to check out “Garbage collector’s patriotic gesture brings resident to tears.”

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12 thoughts on “Cheers for fed-up mom who tackled Common Core on Fox & Friends

  1. Rob says:

    This is what happens when you try to take time-proven math techniques and “modernize” them in liberal land. Note to government: Stay out of our schools . . . PLEASE!

  2. Water Dude says:

    Today’s liberalism is nothing more than communism without the manifesto.

  3. Abunchofbullshit says:

    If you’re in Florida please write Gov. Scott a quick email opposing the Feds in our education of our children. A quick search will give you his form and don’t be fooled by the name change they just did here in FL, it’s still Common Core!!

  4. Fran Eckert says:

    So this isn’t that hard to figure out (I”m a mathematical idiot and I knew what they were asking to ‘add the 10’s’) – but my question would be ‘why’? What good does it do these kids to wrap their heads around something that ultimately won’t serve them in real life, which is why we teach math in the first place?

    1. Ringo Khan says:

      Well, I would say we don’t begin 1st grade fundamental math with the precept that it’s training for math they’ll use decades later as an adult. Fundamentals build a foundation for other sorts of learning down the road. It’s also important at that age to learn to look at a whole in a problem, while focusing on a portion of it without being distracted by the obvious. In that regard, this is a very simple way to introduce that sort of thinking, which is very necessary in more difficult mathematics. In more immediate practical terms, it also teaches to follow directions. I’d say that’s a valid life skill.

      1. Evelyn Johnson says:

        This child DID look at the whole problem and got to the right answer. She may have “not followed directions” but was smart enough to question BS when she saw it.

  5. Fran Eckert says:

    Are the teachers who understand the concept of a ‘ten-stick’ the ones for whom we find heroin and marijuana in the teachers’ lounge?

  6. Ringo Khan says:

    I’m sorry, but did anyone notice that her daughter’s answers were in fact, very clearly incorrect, or that they were in fact, very reasonable questions? How is it her daughter’s school’s fault that the mom doesn’t understand 1st grade math (unless of course mom’s an alum)? She says, “add the tens, I don’t even know what that means.” Seriously? For her daughter’s sake, I sincerely hope school IS teaching math the mother doesn’t understand. For the mother, how about brushing up with a basic math text book so that you can help your daughter do homework someday? That would seem a much more prudent investment of your time than venting on Twitter or going on Faux News. To the rest of you, the mother WAS educated in the pre-common core era!!! Does no one see the irony here? Her rants and the swell of support for them are arguments FOR standardizing the curriculum, not against it. Otherwise we’ll soon end up with an entire nation full of fools on television complaining about their inability to find the 10-column! American exceptionalism, eh?

    1. Evelyn Johnson says:

      There is no practical application for teaching the child to ignore half of the math problem. The child thought out of the box on her own and got to the right answer bypassing the asininity of this teaching approach.

  7. TomAZUSA says:

    What is the big deal? They are teaching them to ignore the ones position and concentrate on the tens.

  8. jp says:

    the mom seems upset because her 6 year old is smarter than her

  9. playnice says: This is an editorial from an online newspaper editor about cc and the circus that media provided so sayeth this particular editor. This was a piece meant to teach people to keep their mouth shut. America will one day ask how they got led so far astray.

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