Affordable Care Act Scam named Better Business Bureau’s 2013 ‘Scam of the Year’


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The Better Business Bureau announced its “Top 10 Scams of 2013.” Leading the pack, believe it or not, was the Affordable Care Act Scam, which most would refer to as the Obamacare scam.

As much as he may want to differ, CBS late night host David Letterman didn’t invent the idea of a “top 10 list” — it’s been around for a long time, and that includes the 102 year-old Better Business Bureau, which has published a top 10 scam report for years.

“Scammers used the uncertainty of Obamacare to trick Americans into sharing personal information. They call victims and offer new insurance or Medicare cards if they provide personal information,” according to its website.

The remaining nine are, as Houston ABC-13 News reported this week:

Medical Alert Scam – This scam targeted seniors and caretakers with the promise of a free medical alert system. Scammers told victims their family members had already paid for it and they would just need to provide their bank account or credit information for verification.

Auction Reseller Scam – Scammers used Ebay and PayPal to lure in their victims. They figured out a way to have sellers mail the goods without receiving payment. The sellers receive an email that looks like it is from PayPal, but it was really just a fake. The BBB says always confirm payments in your Ebay and PayPal accounts before shipping goods, especially overseas.

Arrest Warrant Scam – These scams take advantage of the fact that you can change what shows up on caller IDs when you call someone. Scammers change their name to resemble a law enforcement agency and call people to tell them they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest. They tell victims they can pay to avoid criminal charges.

Invisible Home Improvements – Scammers simply knock at your door and offer a great deal for home repairs that you can’t see, such as crawl spaces, air ducts, chimneys, and roofs. You can check out home contractors at before hiring them.

Casting Call Scam – Scammers pose as casting agents for hit television shows. They either offer acting lessons or photography sessions to help the aspiring actor or charge fees for fake applications and casting calls.

Foreign Currency Scam – Scammers target their victims and tell them they can make great investments by purchasing foreign currency. You are told you can sell and cash in when governments revalue the currency, but this is very unlikely to happen and the currency will be difficult to sell.

Scam Texts – These texts look like an alert from your bank asking you to confirm information with a fake link. Sometimes the link will download malicious software that gives scammers access to everything on your phone.

Do Not Call Scams – Scammers call and offer to add your name to the National Do Not Call Registry. They ask for personal information and sometimes charge a fee to join.
Fake Friend Scam – On Facebook, people are creating fake profles to be used in a variety of ways. Some will download malware or use your account to prey on your friends.

Garbage collector’s patriotic gesture brings resident to tears

This is proof positive that although Obamacare is losing its luster among American citizens, it’s number one on the list of scammers and con artists and swindlers.


38 thoughts on “Affordable Care Act Scam named Better Business Bureau’s 2013 ‘Scam of the Year’

  1. carolskey says:

    Obama doesn’t worry about how history will view his presidency. His implementation of common core will continue with its revisionist history with regard to his biggest historical blunder: Obamacare! PLEASE understand, it wasn’t his idea…the Republicans implemented and then used it to destroy his credibility!

    God help us all!

    1. Today22011 says:

      B.O.’s credibility was destroyed with his famous words, “If you like your health care, you can keep your health care.” and “… you will see a reduction in insurance costs..”

    2. Charles Wesley says:

      You talk about “REVISIONIST HISTORY”? Not ONE GOP member voted for the ACA. Blame it on the GOP? What ya smoking?

      1. carolskey says:

        Using BO’s blame game…NOT blaming Republicans! Sarcasm employed…sorry! God Bless!

  2. Douglas W. Rodrigues says:

    Logically, the un-Affordable Care Act may be nothing more than a disguised tax on us citizens, and a power / control grab. The premiums are higher than what we had. The yearly deductibles are huge, which would dissuade people from seeking medical attention. Bureaucrats would be making life decisions about your health. It’s a win win for the Socialists.

  3. roblimo says:

    Oh my. Such poor reading comprehension skills. The BBB is warning against scammers preying on gullible people who are trying to buy insurance through the ACA websites but look for help and unwittingly fall into the clutches of teapublicans and others of that ilk. They are *not* calling the ACA itself a scam. Capisce?

    1. Ducky 111 says:

      From experience I can tell you the BBB is nothing more than an information library with absolutely no power. If someone fills out a complaint they send the customer complaint to the business and request a response to the accusations. If you don’t respond the complainer doc goes in a file…period. If they do respond that to goes into a file too.

    2. Charles Wesley says:

      Since neither the TEA PARTY nor GOP support the ACA, saying the gullible are falling into the hands of “Teapublicans” is illogical. They ARE falling into the hands of crooks (Identity thieves, credit card fraudsters, and/or bank account thieves). It IS true that each side has its share of fraudsters, probably, in this “ACA SCAM.”

      I don’t buy into BS. I search out answers, opinions, theories. Then, I judge what is said.

      You cannot blame the GOP or Tea Party for ACA. There was not one non-democrat who voted for this boondoggle. NOT ONE. Think about that, my friend.

      1. roblimo says:

        Don’t worry, teaman. I don’t blame the GOP or teaps for doing *anything* that might help your less-prosperous neighbors.

        That Jesus fella said we should help. Satan says we shouldn’t. Each one of us chooses a side in this struggle. I’ve chosen mine, and you’ve chosen yours.

        I will be saying some exorcism prayers later in the week for you poor people. I hope they help.

        1. Charles Wesley says:

          First, I do not classify myself “Tea Party” under any circumstances.

          I’m in poverty, myself… “Less prosperous neighbors” is a crock of crap, but you can think what you want.

          Jesus didn’t say that we were supposed to throw ourselves into poverty, despite the “Go sell what you have and give to the poor” comment… He was speaking to ONE INDIVIDUAL, not a full crowd.

          Evidence is that Christ was actually pro-free market, but NOT pro-price gouging. (IE, Money changers in the Temple). He supported people being able to purchase… (Parable of the Wedding, oil running out for some)

          He supported the right to enter contracts with different people, different terms (Workers in the vineyard, denarius pay, even though some only worked one hour or two..)

          He realized that poverty will never be eliminated (The poor you will always have with you)

          He realized that work could be done on any day (Which of you, having an ass that falls into a pit, would not work to get him out, even on a Sabbath?)

          He realized that honest work for pay was needed… (He called workers, including a tax collector!)

          While I appreciate prayers… And always need them… I think you may be better off asking G_D to direct his blessings where He believes best. After all, His will be done.

  4. Buro Cratz says:

    Even with civilization’s advance, we have retained the instinct of mass action that typically results from the effects of crowd psychology.

  5. PeteZoria says:

    I predict that the ACA aka. Obama Care will stand along side of the SS Act of 1935, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and along with Medicare and Medicaid.
    Of course the GOP, Right will badmouth it….just like they badmouthed SS in 1935! Well guess what? Here’s another one that will stand on it’s own…..
    providing coverage for all even the “GOP Right”!

    As usual, you will accept it, benefit from it ….and still badmouth it just as you do with SS. So what else is new?

    1. Grumpy says:

      Not too likely- according to a recent poll even 28% of the country’s registered democrats now wish it had never passed..

      I’m hoping it will lead to some truth in campaigning laws..with serious prison time attached.

      The White House knew the truth about “If you like your Insurance you can keep your insurance” all the way back in 2009″ That means Obama and a number of key democrats have been lying ever since.

      We put lying stockbrokers and home improvement scammers in prison, why should politicians be special?.

  6. Sunshine Kid says:

    Just more proof that the Resident in DC is a scam artist.

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  8. adnawsr says:


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