Mom’s public ‘tough love’ punishment goes viral

When Milwaukee mom Lorraine Walls dished out some tough love to her young daughter, she videotaped it for the world to see – igniting controversy in the process.
Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

Walls used social media to shame and punish her 12-year-old, Lutisha, after discovering the girl had been sneaking on to Facebook and planning a fight that ended up getting her suspended from school, according to a 19 Action News report.

In a video that quickly went viral, fed-up Walls demanded Lutisha repeat after her on camera:  “Tell them that you can’t be on Facebook.”

Lutisha did as she was told and announced she can no longer be on Facebook and that she can’t have a boyfriend, among other things.

Walls then instructed her daughter to show everyone that she was reading her Bible.

After quoting a passage in Psalms, Wells told the girl, ” You being blessed right now cuz I’m not punching the hell out of you for being disrespectful, rude, and suspended and fighting.”

While many viewers may have been captivated by the mother’s frustrated demands, her threats of physical punishment are what sparked heated debate.

“Now, don’t get slapped, because you’re already in hot water,” Walls said on the video, adding that she would beat the hell out of her daughter if she caught her on Facebook again.

Walls defended her actions in an interview with 19 Action News.

Thousands praised her tough tactics.

The TV station reported:

“She doesn’t get whoopins, she’s not getting beat, she doesn’t get abused,” Walls said.

“We have to save our youth. We got too many laying out there dead because of gunshot wounds, we got too many that’s coming up pregnant.” 

Here is the raw footage of the video from You Tube video news:

What are your thoughts? Did Walls go too far, or was she justified in her behavior?

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