Ted Cruz electrifies Sarasota as he accepts ‘Statesman of Year’ award

If you thought a maverick, Dr. Seuss-reading, applecart-tossing lawmaker like U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, would get a lukewarm reception in the establishment, Gulf Coast community of Sarasota, you’d be wrong.

The Sarasota County Republican Party estimated its Thursday night event would attract several hundred attendees. Instead, almost 2,000 people signed up to attend the Cruz rally, where he was presented with the Sarasota GOP “Statesman of the Year” award, according to Breitbart News.

“We are shocked at the level of interest that we’ve received for doing this rally,” Sarasota GOP Chairman Joe Gruters told Breitbart News. “It’s obvious that the state is aware that he is listening, and they’re excited about what Ted Cruz is saying, and it certainly cuts across the bow of the establishment in D.C., which is maybe not trying to stifle what Sen. Cruz is saying, but certainly, that Cruz is getting so much attention at the local level in a county like Sarasota shows you that he’s a major player and that people should watch out for and everything that the guy is doing.”

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Breitbart reported:

Cruz opened his remarks here with one his signature phrases. “I spent all of last week in Washington, D.C.,” he said. “It is great to be back in America.”

Following what will now be a sizable rally at the Sarasota Hyatt – participants are already lining up “like Black Friday campers at Best Buy,” one organizer emailed – Cruz will attend a $500 per person VIP fundraiser and, to wrap up the evening, a $5,000 per couple private donor dinner.

The senator’s senior communications advisor, Amanda Carpenter tweeted o photo of Cruz wowing the crowd:


Another Twitter user posted this view of the crowd:


And here’s some tweets from Carpenter and other attendees about a few of the senator’s remarks:




“I like to say, ‘Sarasota is the new Iowa,’” Gruters told Breitbart. “If you want to be a serious presidential candidate, you better stop at Palm Beach and you better stop at Sarasota, because we have the donors and we have the base activists. My question to everybody is: ‘Go to a rally somewhere else and see how many people you get.”


26 thoughts on “Ted Cruz electrifies Sarasota as he accepts ‘Statesman of Year’ award

  1. Abunchofbullshit says:

    Boy does Ted have the establishment riled!! I love his views and the fact that he holds true to his beliefs and convictions through the bs that is thrown his way! Keep up the great work Ted!

  2. C Breeze says:

    Senator Cruz,
    You, as well as Senator Rand Paul, Senator Tim Scott. Congressman Louie Gohmert, Congressman Trey Gowdy, Congressman Jim Bridenstine, Congressman Michael Enzi, and Congressman Darrell Issa can be the “Core Group”, (among selective others) to turn the United States around to the proper position to restore our economy and reputation in the “eyes of the world”…

    1. Doug says:

      Issa is an empty suit. He accomplishes nothing.

  3. EliseR says:

    “The senator’s senior communications advisor, Amanda Carpenter tweeted o photo of Cruz wowing the crowd:”

    Michael, can you tell us what is wrong with this sentence? (And I am not even talking about using “adviser” vs. “advisor.”)

    1. Marilyn Z says:

      Here you are again, Elise. This article and the fact that Ted Cruz is so popular must really gall you.

      1. EliseR says:

        No, fiction rarely “galls” me. Michael’s repeated spelling errors, lack of proofreading, and refusal to correct his obvious errors should “gall” anyone with a basic grasp of English, however.

        1. Marilyn Z says:

          Afraid you are confusing apples with sour grapes here. Michael’s writing makes no difference with the information provided.

          1. EliseR says:

            Obviously you are not aware of Michael’s long history of factual errors and creative spelling. He refuses to correct obvious errors, even when he is made aware of them.

          2. Marilyn Z says:

            In addition to proofreading Air Force test manuals for Air Force, I am a retired librarian. I do not have the time to focus on the minutia and let them bother me. When I watch TV there are invariably misspelled words scrolling across the screen. Books that have been proofread endlessly have poor grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, etc. and I try not to be so OCD that I bother with them. Life is too short; time to move along.

          3. Doug says:

            The plural is minutae.

          4. Marilyn Z says:

            How sweet of you, Doug. I was expecting Elise to find that….it keeps her occupied.

          5. Doug says:

            It’s a disease with us retired English teachers.

          6. EliseR says:

            The errors aren’t really the issue as much as the blatant refusal to correct them.

          7. Marilyn Z says:

            Do you suppose he is pushing your buttons?

    2. SRQTad says:

      It is rather telling when the only thing you can do is scoff at a typo.

      1. Doug says:

        This one is nit-picky but Michael, for a journalist, is a sloppy speller.

  4. Dons621 says:

    The flood is coming and the establishment is shaken in their boots. It is not JUST that many of them will lose their jobs it is what THEIR staff will do and say JUST to keep THEIR own jobs. These hypocrites have been double dealing for 50 years or more and what they have done as a whole is not legal. Their staffs keep quite for job security but the WORM is turning and so will the STAFF members,they will want a life preserver when the flood hits.

  5. SRQTad says:

    Over-all, it was a successful and up-lifting event. None deserve a Statesman award more than Cruz. He handles his detractors with class and panache, never sinking to their level of personal and vitriolic attacks. He stands for truth, alone if needed. He exposes the enemies of the Contstitution and the Political cowards in DC by forcing them to show thier true colors by their votes. They hate him… WE love him.

  6. Doug says:

    How can you not love Ted Cruz. He graduated from Harvard and Princeton, the two finest institutions of higher learning in the U.S. He correctly disdained lesser universities in Texas and the Midwest.

    1. wingramm77 says:

      Funny…Obama graduated from Harvard and you probably call him an “elitist”

  7. jmlsmb says:

    The more the Left and the establishment RINOs attack him, the stronger Cruz gets! That’s because he is actually representing the people who sent him to represent them, not himself or cronies. Thank God for Ted Cruz!

    1. Doug says:

      He’s the hope of the nation.

  8. Doug says:

    Those are my people. Lots of bald heads and gray hair.

  9. Mindy Robinson says:

    I won’t vote for a rhino, I will vote for 3 people in upcoming elections, Ted Cruz is my first pick. Secret, I won’t vote for bohner, mccain, christie or any other rhino.

    1. Doug says:

      I hope your list includes, Sheriff Joe and Judge Jeanine.

  10. wingramm77 says:

    Cruz getting the loons riled up.

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