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NBC says 23-year-old gold medalist lives ‘alternative lifestyle’ because of wife, child

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American freestyle skier David Wise won a gold medal this week in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and became the focus of a prerequisite human interest story afterwards by host NBC, who seemed to be astonished by his “alternative lifestyle.”

Keep in mind that Dictionary.com defines alternative lifestyle as “a way of life considered unconventional or nontraditional.”

So what is it about the gold medal winner’s life that earned him such a tag?

Wise is 23-years-old, has a wife and a baby. Gasp!

Incredibly, reporter Skyler Wilder marveled at his maturity, writing that “at such a young age, Wise has the lifestyle of an adult.”

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“Did it occur to the delightfully named Skyler Wilder, or anybody else at NBC who read this copy before or after it was published, that David Wise has the lifestyle of an adult because he is an adult?” The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher asked.

But it does help explain why Obamacare allows “children under 26″ to stay on their parents insurance policy, and why there are more than 22 million adult children still living with their parents, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Fortunately, Wise seems to have things in the proper perspective.

“I think my lifestyle — the fact that I have a little girl to take care of and a wife — really takes the pressure off of my skiing, because first and foremost I have to be a good husband and father.” he told NBC.

Tom Tillison


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