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Mayor de Blasio driver busted breaking slew of traffic laws 2 days after crackdown announcement

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Two days after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a crackdown on aggressive driving, a two-car detail carrying Hizzoner was caught on camera repeatedly running stop signs and speeding – on a single trip.

A New York CBS affiliate cameraman recorded the aggressive driving maneuvers Thursday, two days after the mayor announced his wide-ranging plan to lower speed limits and hand out more tickets, according to CBS2.

“We’ve put a very bold plan before you, and we want the public to know we are holding ourselves to this standard,” de Blasio said in announcing the safety plan Tuesday. “We hope that every time someone reads one of your stories, they’re also asking themselves the question — are they handling their vehicle as responsibly as they could?”

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The New York Police Department, which provides drivers for the mayor, issued this statement to CBS2:

The security and transportation for the Mayor are provided by the New York City Police Department. Police Department personnel assigned to the Mayor’s Security Detail receive specialized training in driving based on maintaining security as well as safety. At certain times, under certain conditions, this training may include the use of techniques such as maintaining speed with the general flow of traffic, and may sometimes include tactics to safely keep two or more police vehicles together in formation when crossing intersections,” the NYPD said in the statement. “The handling of police vehicles transporting any protectee is determined solely by police personnel based on their specialized training in executive protection and professional judgment.

Mayoral Press Secretary Phil Walzak also released a statement following the incident, saying: “We believe public safety is everyone’s responsibility. We also recognize NYPD’s training and protocols, and refer questions related to security and transportation to them. With that in mind, Mayor de Blasio is firmly committed to the traffic safety policies outlined this week.”


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