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Father speaks out on year-long battle with Boston hospital for custody of sick daughter

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A father defied a gag order and spoke out Thursday about his family’s ongoing battle with Boston Children’s Hospital for custody over his 15-year-old daughter.

The case drew widespread coverage in December, after a Massachusetts court refused to return the girl to her parents. Lou and Linda Pelletier have only been allowed to visit their daughter, Justina, once a week since the court took charge of her treatment.

“The bottom line is, my daughter’s life is now at stake,” Lou Pelletier told Fox News’ “The Kelly File host Megyn Kelly. “This has been one year that she’s been at Boston Children’s Hospital. She’s been tortured, physically and mentally. All her medical situations have been totally ignored, medicines she was on, treatment that she was dealing with. She’s at her breaking point. And we can’t stand by anymore and watch this happen.”

Justina Pelletier was diagnosed in 2011 with mitochondrial disease, a condition that also afflicts her older sister, and she was taken to Boston Children’s to see a specialist when she came down with the flu. A new team of doctors took over the case and gave her an entirely new diagnosis, questioning the treatment the Pelletiers had been supervising.

The specialists diagnosed Justina with a somatoform disorder, a type of mental illness. Since the parents would not go along with the new diagnosis, the hospital took custody within four days and assumed control over the girl’s treatment.

The Pelletiers have appealed to the state to return their daughter to them, but the last two court hearings having been postponed. The parents have been under a gag order to protect the confidentiality of juvenile court records, but Lou Pelletier decided to open up anyway with an appearance on Kelly’s show.

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families filed a motion for Pelletier to be held in contempt of court Wednesday, according to FOX CT News. A court date is scheduled for Feb. 24.

Watch Pelletier explain the story behind what his family has been through via Fox News:


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