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“Ew!” Unladylike Michelle Obama freaks us out again dancing with Jimmy Fallon

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Ew!Michelle Obama did it again, dancing and acting so un-first lady-like on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” Thursday night.

“Ew” is the only way to describe Obama’s appearance during a ridiculous segment called, “Ew!,” with host Jimmy Fallon and comedian Will Ferrell dressed as teenage girls – “Sara and Stacey” – who say “ew” to everything, including exercise and eating healthy.

Michelle ObamaObama added a few “ews” herself, to things like eating jelly doughnuts and potato chips, but she said it’s “not ew” to dance and eat kale chips.

And ick, she danced – and a little too closely to Ferrell, ew – but this is what she has made of the office of the first lady of the United States.

Watch via NBC:

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