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The new ACORN? Battleground Texas busted in voter registration scheme

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A Texas political action committee supporting Democratic candidates has been caught engaging in activities that may violate the law.

Clips published by the watchdog group, Project Veritas, show Battleground Texas worker Jennifer Longoria admitting that her group uses voters’ phone numbers — protected under Texas’ privacy laws — to turn out like-minded voters on Election Day, according to a Project Veritas press release.

“Once we register people to vote tonight, we will all turn in our cards, and our data person will enter, not all the information, but name, address and phone number,” Longoria said on the video. “We can then call everyone here and say, ‘Hi, I registered you to vote.’”

In January, Project Veritas recorded Battleground Texas workers mocking Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s disability, which requires him to use a wheelchair. Abbott is running against Battleground Texas favorite Wendy Davis for governor.

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