The new ACORN? Battleground Texas busted in voter registration scheme

A Texas political action committee supporting Democratic candidates has been caught engaging in activities that may violate the law.

Clips published by the watchdog group, Project Veritas, show Battleground Texas worker Jennifer Longoria admitting that her group uses voters’ phone numbers — protected under Texas’ privacy laws — to turn out like-minded voters on Election Day, according to a Project Veritas press release.

“Once we register people to vote tonight, we will all turn in our cards, and our data person will enter, not all the information, but name, address and phone number,” Longoria said on the video. “We can then call everyone here and say, ‘Hi, I registered you to vote.’”

In January, Project Veritas recorded Battleground Texas workers mocking Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s disability, which requires him to use a wheelchair. Abbott is running against Battleground Texas favorite Wendy Davis for governor.

Watch the video via Project Veritas, then check out “Brain-dead on campus: Students can’t name any of the Bill of Rights.”

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92 thoughts on “The new ACORN? Battleground Texas busted in voter registration scheme

  1. Mary Brown says:

    They should be arrested and tossed in jail. They have proof and the failure of the state to go after them shows complicity in continuing this illegal action.

  2. Eric says:

    I call it “Acoon.”

  3. Linda Jensen says:

    If you are a government employee, elected, appointed or involved in lobby work, if you receive welfare, Medicaid or government contacts, HAVE A FELONY or illegal then you do not get to vote! that is my idea of fair.

    1. pineapple says:

      This would deprive the takers of the ability to sell their votes so they can live off of the makers.

  4. Dorotha says:

    the reason acorn wants TEXAS is because as you all already KNOW is the ONLY state that has fought obozo every step of the way, Ted Cruz scares the dog poop out of them , they KNOW he is RIGHT about what he says and does…so they have to turn TEXAS blue if they can…they won ;last time with out TEXAS they would/will win again with out TEXAS..there is NO end to the LYING, CHEATING , STEALING, KILLING THEY DO AND WILL DO to get their devil to become our HITLER

  5. curmudgeon says:

    You think AG Eric Holder would actually pursue the prosecution of his people? He has already stated there is no voter fraud. Would a black democrat ever lie?

  6. 4dees says:

    This is the new ACORN……………..TX better check their voter registration registers.

  7. bodica says:

    They ‘dun in’ Hillary’s Pumas in Texas. Leopard’s don’t change their spots!

  8. Phil Gwinn says:

    They are only gaining traction in the bigger cities. In the rest of the state, well, let’s just say most folks roll their eyes and admit that we all have a crazy person or two in the family.

    1. Theresa Easley says:

      I think that is what we also do with Jim that posts here.

    2. lewis121701 says:

      The sad thing here is that the Neo-Cons will sit back and do nothing but the Neo-Cons have no problem going after Tea Party, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Amish.. What say you?

  9. Angel Nova says:

    Texas better watch out for these Obama dogs . They are hoping to change the bright hot red to dead blue. Beware of dogs.

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