Senior Obama official told ‘House of Cards’ actress: Reporters sleep with sources, DC more sleazy than Hollywood

The “House of Cards” star who plays a scheming Second Lady has learned one thing from the gig:

D.C. is even sleazier than Hollywood – and that’s just the sex part.


In a question-and-answer session with Capitol File magazine due out Monday, actress Robin Wright said art sometimes really is imitating life, according to the Washington Post.

For instance, she said, a “senior Obama administration official” told her that one cliché of political melodrama – reporters who sleep with their sources – is actually true.

During the Q&A, according to the Post, one reporter asked if Wright’s unnamed White House tutor thought the show was on the mark with its undercover activities.

“Did he think reporters sleeping with sources and members of Congress was factual?”

“Oh, yeah,” Wright replied, according to the Post. “D.C. is more corrupt than Hollywood. It really is. It’s more sleazy than Hollywood … how much infidelity goes on.”

The senior administration official’s revelation, if it was one, provoked mixed reactions in the Twitter world.

One pro was perturbed ….

Others were merely practical.

Or as the old saying goes: The odds are good, but the goods are odd.



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